We design experiences using behavioral science and human-centered design.

From working with Dan Ariely to bring behavioral economics in-house at Google, designing analytics and statistical systems for the world’s largest heart health study, to applying insights garnered from 1-on-1 field studies for HIV patient medication adherence, we cover the qualitative and quantitative ins-and-outs of product design and management.

Inscape iOS – Guided Meditation for Mindfulness and Sleep

Inscape came to us with a re-design project for its iOS app. It’s unique in the meditation and mindfulness space in that it intersects with a physical studio and brand with an established presence. They had a complex challenge to tackle – how to anticipate barriers to use in new users of the app, and design an experience that cohesively maps to these barriers and helps users integrate the habit of meditation into their daily lives. Read on to found out how we tackled this.

Gainsight iOS – Bringing UX Research to Enterprise Customer Success

Gainsight is the leader in customer success. They had a nitty gritty problem – how do we develop and deliver an experience that compartmentalizes the 360 view of customer success manager’s accounts into the small rectangle they carry in their pocket? A gargantuan task. Read more about how we conducted field research, built a user journey, and delivered an app that made Mary Meeker’s KPCB Internet Trends Best of Enterprise Apps in 2015.

Breakthrough – Expanding Access to Virtual Mental Healthcare Services

Breakthrough blazed the trail of bringing behavioral telemedicine to mobile phones. In 2013, we worked with them to define product strategy, UX, and analytics strategy, as well as integrate insights from 1-on-1 user ethnography to help prioritize product decisions. Our launch and ongoing consulting helped lead to their eventual acquisition by MDLive in 2015.


Got a nitty-gritty product or design problem that requires data analysis, user research, or behavioral design best practices? Reach out and let’s talk.